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cowboy bebop is so good wtf

i refuse to believe this was made in 1998 they are lying

my old hs art keeps having these spurts of re-circulation every once in a while


by day i am just a regular loser, by night i am the same loser only it’s nighttime

isnowfairy replied to your post “DANG i sure got a lot of responses about the california thing (proving…”

If you do decide to come, we should hang out =w= go to SF Japantown or something and eat yummy food

that would be very rad!!!! WE WILL SEE…oh yes…

do you ship kinsaka too? I feel all alone over here

OH MY GOODNESS HOW COULD I HAVE FORGOTTEN. YES I ABSOLUTELY SHIP KINSAKA. i-it is somehow different from all other onoda ships…there is a mysterious golden light that illuminates it softly……perhaps it is….the holy ship………..

ngl if i had to choose a pedal boy to date, my choice would be….k…kinjou-san……..uhu

lays on the ground

why is there so much to do

how am i going to find the time to commemorate all my poor ships that i have never drawn

this is a disaster

DANG i sure got a lot of responses about the california thing (proving my hypothesis that the whole damn internet lives in california, which i originally hypothesized in middle school when i played maple story and the whole damn maplestory lived in california), thank you everyone! i will read each suggestion carefully and wisen myself…i have been promised at least 1 pizza already, california’s bounty has no limits

(i have actually been to california once before 3 decembers ago — started at UC Berkeley, passed through SanFran/LA/Beverly Hills SO VERY BRIEFLY, but spent the majority of it indoors at a small town on the southern coast so i didn’t really see much of anything or knew what there was to do! i did however have an In-N-Out which i barely remember…weep)

(the trip is still very conceptual though so WHO KNOWS if it will even happen ha hhahhahh weep)

what is there to do in california??? who even lives in california?? (other than the whole internet, but i mean you specifically. do any of u live in california)

im thinking about going over in mid-December for Sac-Con and to chillax with my bae kouhai kandacchi and waste a whole pile of money and go gloriously in debt (this whole idea was thought up at like 1am this morning by the way).

it would be in the Stanford area which is allegedly between San Francisco and San Jose??? i wouldn’t want to impose on kouhai any longer than 5 days but also want to make the most of my potential trip because i’d probably have to eat instant ramen for 10 months afterwards to offset the cost lmao so maybe i could go exploring on my own for a few days but i DONUT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT CALIFORNIA and id probably get kidnapped wandering around on my own

friends please assist


when the two characters you ship more than anything stand next to each other in official art




ive gotten like 50 notifications in the past few days of new people following my damn abandoned weeb ass hetalia fic from like 5 years ago please stop that

baby: a....a
mom: airplane? :)
baby: *deep voice* aoba


how can one so beautiful, such as myself , be so broke


arasaka for ywpd 69min prompt: jewelry ??


arasaka for ywpd 69min prompt: jewelry ??